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Christmas Puddings

026 Pudding.jpg

Each year one chef takes on the role of making our Christmas puddings. This year Jesse has put his heart and soul into making sure each pudding is diligently prepared. The puddings are hand wrapped and tied by Jen. 


We use the same recipe each year and slowly evolve and improve the method. We source only top ingredients and we start our hunt in early September to ensure we are ready to start baking in October. Each year we bake over 100 puddings for our wonderful guests, family and friends. It’s one of our favourite things to bake at this very special time of the year. 

Our puddings are prepared by Jesse and steamed for over 12 hours. The recipe has evolved this year to be gluten and dairy free, re-heating instructions are included.

They are available now from our restaurant or can be ordered ahead to avoid disappointment

each pudding is $59 and serves 8-10 people

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